Manually Start CoreXL

Manually Start CoreXL

Sometimes it is necessary to manually start coreXL – this short article describes how to do this quickly from the command line.

Firstly, check that coreXL is indeed disabled with the “fw ctl multik stat” command:

[Expert@gateway:0]# fw ctl multik stat
fw: CoreXL is disabled

Then you can start it using “fw ctl multik start”:

[Expert@gateway:0]# fw ctl multik start
Instance -1 started (1 of 1 are active)

Note: you need to run this command once per instance so 6 instances = 6 times running the command!


CoreXL is part of the “Acceleration And Clustering Software Blade” and comprises of CoreXL, SecureXL and ClusterXL :

The Check Point Acceleration and Clustering Software Blade delivers a set of advanced technologies, SecureXL and ClusterXL, that work together to maximize performance and security in high-performance environments. These work with CoreXL, which is included with the blade containers, to form the foundation of the Open Performance Architecture, which delivers throughput designed for data center applications and the high levels of security needed to protect against today’s application-level threats.

CoreXL: Multicore acceleration
As the first security technology to fully leverage general-purpose multi-core processors, CoreXL introduces advanced core-level load balancing that increases throughput for the deep inspection required to achieve intrusion prevention and high throughput on the firewall. With CoreXL, high performance and high security can be achieved simultaneously.

SecureXL: Security acceleration
Patented SecureXL is a technology interface that accelerates multiple, intensive security operations, including operations that are carried out by Check Point’s Stateful Inspection firewall. Using SecureXL, the firewall offloads operations to a performance-optimized software or hardware device, dramatically increasing throughput.


ClusterXL: Smart Load Balancing
ClusterXL provides high availability and load sharing that keeps businesses running without interruption. ClusterXL distributes traffic between clusters of redundant gateways, combining the computing capacity of multiple machines to increase total throughput. In the event of a gateway or network failure, connections are seamlessly redirected to a designated backup, maintaining business continuity.

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