Checkpoint: Change the Default Shell for “admin” in Gaia and SecurePlatform

This article details how to change the default shell for both Gaia and SecurePlatform (SPlat) systems.


In SecurePlatform, all we need to do is log in to expert mode and use the change shell command – chsh:

myfirewall > expert
Enter expert password:

myfirewall # chsh -s /bin/bash admin<

Shell changed.

This permanently changes the shell and will survive a reboot.


The above will also work in Gaia but will not survive a reboot – the shell will default back to clish. Doing a “cat” on /etc/shells in expert mode will show you what is available:

myfirewall> expert
Enter expert password:

Warning! All configuration should be done through clish
You are in expert mode now.

[Expert@myfirewall:0]# cat /etc/shells

To effect the change we use the “set user” command, in this example we will set it to the bash shell:

myfirewall> set user admin <tab to show options:>
force-password-change - Force the user to change their password
gid - User's group ID
homedir - User's home directory
info - DEPRECATED synonym for 'realname'
lock-out - Unlock a locked out user
newpass - User's new password
password - User's password
password-hash - User's password hash
realname - User's real name or other informative label
shell - User's login shell
uid - User's numeric user ID
myfirewall> set user admin shell /bin/bash
myfirewall> save config


** Don’t forget the “save config” at the end!! **


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