The uploaded file was only partially uploaded

“The uploaded file was only partially uploaded” Error


Having functioned correctly for years, I was confronted with the ” Uploaded file was only partially uploaded” error when trying to upload media files for an article. This error seems to have occurred since upgrading to the latest version of WordPress – 4.1.1


Some solutions advocate changing the upload directory permissions to 777 which, apart from being a gaping security hole, does not help in all situations and certainly not this one.

The solution in this case is to tell Apache not to keep the connection open. Modifying this in Apache – site-wide – is not recommended and could break more than it fixes so in this case we can do this for just the upload functionality of the single wordpress site.

Simply add the following code

<?php header ("Connection: close"); ?>

to the top of the


to make it look like this:

The uploaded file Was Only Partially uploaded

Job done, happy uploading!