Checkpoint: Useful Safe@ / Edge UTM-1 Links & Information

Some handy bits and pieces for troubleshooting Edge devices. I’ll update this as and when other stuff crops up.

Checkpoint Safe@ / Edge UTM-1 Interface Demo

This is quite handy when you haven’t got one to hand. Now if someone would mock one of these up for IPSO / Gaia then we’d be rocking ..

Checkpoint Edge Interface Demo

 LibSW File Links

If you push policies to your Edge device centrally,  you need to have the correct libsw files installed on your smartcenter in order to be able to compile the policy. The libsw version directly correlates to the version of firmware running on the Edge so firmware upgrade = libsw upgrade. All the links to the Checkpoint libsw files are contained in one handy list below.

Checkpoint Libsw Files – Firmware Versions

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