Checkpoint: Installing on an HP DL380 Server – R75, R76, R77

Installing Checkpoint on an HP DL380 Server –

R75, R76, R77

This article describes how to work around the problems which can occur when installing R75, R76, R77 on an HP DL380 server.

There are multiple Checkpoint secureknowledge articles on the support site which pertain to different issues; they are consolidated here along with some tips from bitter experience.

SAS Controller Settings

1. Make sure the SATA controller is set to LEGACY MODE and AHCI mode.

Installing Checkpoint on an HP DL380 Server

No Logical Drives Defined

2. The install may fail part-way through if no logical drive has been configured prior to starting the install. Errors include:

Traceback (most recent call first):
File "usr/lib/anaconda/",
IndexError: list index out of range

To remedy this, load the “Intelligent Provisioning” utility from the BIOS menu (F10) and create an array, i.e. a logical drive. It’s pretty intuitive but if you have any problems there is documentation here and also a couple of tutorials on youtube if that’s more your thing. Note: I recommend RAID 6 for a successful post-install experience, see point 5 below!

Installing Checkpoint on an HP DL380 Server

HP DL380 Listed in sk77660

3. As this server is listed in sk7760 – “disabling IRQ” message on Gaia installation failure – make sure you choose this option on the installer screen as shown below. Errors include:

  • No driver found
  • Unable to find any devices of the type needed for this installation type

Installing Checkpoint on an HP DL380 Server

Install Using External DVD-ROM Drive

4. Installation may fail when using the in-built DVD-ROM or Isomorphic tool – should this happen use an external USB DVD-ROM to perform the installation. This is described in sk87704 – Unable to install Gaia OS on HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 using built-in DVD-ROM or ISOmorphic Tool .

Boot Loop After Installation?

5. After an apparently successful install, you may experience continuous reboots after installation. There are two main culprits:

  • The version you have installed does not like the RAID version you have used. I have had one installation reboot continuously using RAID 10 but behave perfectly using RAID 6.
  • The other possibility is that the version will not function over a 2 TB limit. If this is this is the case you will need to go back into the RAID utility and configure your drives to be no larger than 2TB – this is described in sk93608 –  Server continually reboots after GAiA installation.

I hope this helps, here is some more related information:

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