Checkpoint: Object Filler and Object Dumper (ofiller)

This article offers a download of Martin Hoz’s (Checkpoint SE) Ofiller tool and describes basic usage.

The package software can be downloaded here:


There is full documentation in the package but a quick look at page 53 of the manual yields the following:

odumper -f file [-p file] -o file [-d] [-html] [-v]
-f specifies the path to the objects (Objects_5_0.C or objects.C) file you want to process
-p specifies the path to the rulebases (rulebases_5_0.fws) file you want to process - Optional
-o specified the path to the output formatted file you want to have
-d tells the program to also print the default objects - Optional
-html formats the output to HTML (instead of default CSV format) - Optional
file is a valid filename - such as output.txt, output.html or objects.C
Required parameters: -f and -o

** Important ** – Run this on copies of the files and not against the files on the live firewall!

  • To dump objects only:

odumper -f copy_of_Objects_5_0.C -o my_objects.csv

  • To dump rules only:

odumper -p Copy_of_rulebases_5_0.fws -o my_rules.csv

  • To dump both rules and objects to the same file:

odumper -f copy_of_Objects_5_0.C -p Copy_of_rulebases_5_0.fws -o my_objects_and_rules.csv


Note: If you are dumping these to re-import on another management centre then dump rules and objects individually as per the first two examples.