Forward Email Using ISPConfig and Keep a Copy (Or Not!)

ISPConfig Forward Email to Other Addresses

This article details how to use ISPConfig to forward email to another email address (or addresses) of your choice and also whether to keep a copy on the server.

Many people who use a web-based email like hotmail, gmail or yahoo prefer to use their provider’s interface to pick up and/or send email from their own domain. You can configure their POP3/IMAP collector to retrieve the email for you or alternatively ‘push’ or forward it to that address.

In ISPConfig, this is done using the custom rules under the mailbox settings; depending on which LDA / POP3 / IMAP daemon you are using, the syntax differs slightly – I have shown the syntax for two of the most popular. Dovecot uses sieve syntax and is shown in the images and Courier uses the maildrop syntax – please refer to the footnotes.


  1. Log into the ISPConfig admin interface and choose “Email Inbox” under the “Email” tab:
  2. Click on the mailbox for which you want to forward mail:
  3. Under “Custom Rules” – to forward email and leave a copy on the server:
    ispconfig forward email
  4. Under “Custom Rules” – to forward email and delete from your server:

Sieve syntax:

cc "!"

Maildrop syntax:

redirect "";