Android: Updating Nook Simple Touch (NST) to Software Version 1.2.1 (UK)

So I just bought one of these from Currys for £29 but trying to update it to the latest version of firmware wasn’t happening.

You put the into the root directory of the NOOK and apparently it falls asleep then does an update; problem is that nothing appears to happen, you check the version and it’s still 1.2.0 and your has disappeared from the root directory.

Turns out that this is a software update from the US site and doesn’t want to be installed – you can force the issue by downgrading to version 1.1 of the firmware and then applying the US firmware file for 1.2.1 but you will then be on US firmware and I don’t know what that’s going to do for you.


  • Grab the UK firmware update from here and copy it into the root directory
  • Turn off the NOOK by pressing the button on the back once
  • Wait for 20 or 30 seconds – you should see the update process starting
  • NOOK will reboot and when you log in you should have a bubble message on the notification bar telling you that you’re on the latest and greatest version!







Job done. Now ROOT that mother!!