Checkpoint: Install the IPSO 4.x Bootmanager on a Flash-based System Running IPSO 6.x

Taken from sk44643

1. Copy the IPSO 4.x bootmgr to the system using winscp, ftp etc. The file should be in the format nkipflash-4.x.bin

2. Use upgrade_bootmgr to write the 4.2 bootmgr to the correct location on flash.

fw[admin]# upgrade_bootmgr nkipflash-4.x.bin (do not specify the boot device)

You may get an error here as the device is required; if so, specify /dev/wd0:

fw[admin]# upgrade_bootmgr nkipflash-4.x.bin /dev/wd0

3. Reboot and stop at the BOOTMGR> prompt.

# disklabel -r /dev/wd0s4 > /tmp/label
# disklabel -R /dev/wd0s4 /tmp/label
# exit
BOOTMGR> install

4. Go ahead and do your IPSO install; when complete, reboot.