Checkpoint: Error – “Unable to get idle-time workstation locking policy”

Now this may well be due to the situation discussed in sk88760 where the fresh install of R75.45 is missing some plugins, in which case you need to install them manually as follows:

  1. Change to the packages directory:
    [expert@fw]# cd /sysimg/CPwrapper/linux/MiniWrapper
  2. Run the install script:
    [expert@fw]# ./UnixInstallScript
  3. At the end of the installation, reboot the machine:
    [expert@HostName]# reboot
  4. For Security Management Server running on Windows, install the “Management Enhancement” plugin:
    C:\Program Files\CheckPoint\CPMgmtrfes\bin\uacRunner.exe -p PICPmgmtrfes -install

** BUT **

It may also be because you’re trying to open an R75.40 server with the R75.45 dashboard client !!!

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