Checkpoint: Bypass The First Time Configuration Wizard on Appliances

I had cause to revert a CheckPoint appliance to its factory image today of R75.40. In itself, no biggie – open a console connection, Ctrl-S to access the setup menu and choose factory default image. Log in to the webUI and complete the first time wizard.

Having encountered the Firefox “xslProcessor.transformDocument is not a function” error – still a known issue in R75.40 –  I logged in with IE 10. Unfortunately this went only as far as allowing me to log in and the actual wizard interface never appeared – this is an intermittent issue for me and seems to depend on the current price of fish.

Anyways .. the easiest thing to do (imho) is to:

Bypass The First Time Configuration Wizard

The following will prevent the the “First Time Configuration Wizard” from starting automatically.

Secure Platform:

  • Login to Expert mode and create the following file:

[expert@fw]# touch /opt/spwm/conf/wizard_accepted

  • Reboot the appliance
  • You now need to run sysconfig and go through all the steps of “Product Configuration” – only then can you access the “Product Installation” – obviously necessary for a working appliance!


The process is similair on Gaia – log in and create the file.

[expert@fw]# touch /etc/.wizard_accepted

There is no reboot required for Gaia

** Note: Login credentials remain unchanged **

Running the First Time Configuration Wizard again

Easy – delete the files which were created above!


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