Hosting: Digital Ocean – $5 / Month VPS – $10 Free Credit!

VPS Hosting $5 per Month @ DigitalOcean – $10 Free Credit!

Get your own private VPS hosting for $5 a month including 2 months free service with our signup code below!

Having been with DigitalOcean since the beginning of 2014, we can safely say that the service is great. Hands down the best we’ve had and very reliable to boot with 100% uptime so far.

It’s also cheap to get started – $5 a month buys you a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with 512MB of RAM and a whopping 1TB of transfer. Whilst 512MB RAM may seem skimpy, the 20GB, blisteringly fast SSD drive more than makes up for it – using Apache, 4 medium traffic web sites are running fine.

If you use the following promo code when signing up – 10TOSHIP – you get $10 credit which is enough for 2 months service!

You can of course upgrade to the next level for the price of a beer – from the website:

pricing structure


They have a simple, intuitive GUI allowing you to pick what you need in terms of images:

Web UI

Or applications: 

Available Applications

And an easy way to control your VM or “Droplet” as they are referred to:

droplet management

If you sign up with the promo code at the beginning of the post then we get a humble referral fee and you get $10 on top of your $5 deposit which will keep you up and running for a total of 3 months!

Less than the price of a sandwich on the train – go on, you know you want to!