WordPress: Dashboard Icons Not Displaying Correctly

This article describes how to fix the issue of the admin bar and dashboard icons not displaying correctly.

This can be down to may different things and will affect many sites, not just wordpress.

The first thing to do is to check the afflicted site in all of your browsers.

  1. Are you using Firefox?
  2. Does the site display correctly in Internet Explorer?
  3. Do you use the NoScript plugin?

If the answer to all the above is “yes” then read on – salvation is at hand!

In my attempts to stop Firefox gobbling up 25% and more of my CPU on a regular basis, I looked at blocking some unwanted things like flash etc. and I performed some tweaking of the NoScript Firefox plugin settings, specifically under the “embeddings” tab. In my quest to claw back my CPU cycles I applied the restrictions to whitelisted sites as well as the untrusted sites – in my mind it shouldn’t have been an issue but it certainly was!


Noscript Plugin Settings

Make sure that this box is unticked – this solved the problem in my case. Other resources dealing with firefox are listed here and may help you with your issue if the above does not; as with everything IT-related, your mileage may vary – good luck!

Websites look wrong or appear differently – Mozilla

Page displays as gibberish – Mozilla

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