VMWare: Installing ESXi on HP ProLiant DL360e Server with RAID Controller B120i

Scenario: New HP ProLiant server Gen8 with B120i RAID controller, logical drive created on a RAID 1 array

Installing from a stock ISO, I came up against the error that “one or more disks have the same UUID” – this was after installing successfully and rebooting. Using the boot parameter “overrideDuplicateImageDetection” I was able to boot and use the vsphere client – this showed that both disks were visible to ESXi and were not being presented as a single logical drive.

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth and references to the controller not being supported, I came across a post suggesting that VMware has custom images. Indeed, I found the below:

HP Custom Image:

Lo and behold, we now have a single logical drive instead of 2 separate ones:

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