De-branding and updating the N97 firmware to

This is of course all gleaned from other sites so no credit to me but this is what worked for me, all pulled together. All contributing sites are listed below.

Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for anyone bricking their phone, at your own risk etc etc


  • N97 & standard data cable
  • XP 32 bit
  • JAF software and OGM Pkey emulator – available HERE at time of writing (thanks to Benjezzy) or HERE and HERE (thanks to


  • Check your firmware version using *#0000# – if it’s already version click HERE to buy a T-Shirt
  • Backup your entire phone using OVI / PC Suite
  • Install JAF
  • Plugin your N97
  • Click on the OGM_JAF_PKEY_EMULATOR_V3.exe proggie – if all is well you get a “Box driver” error, just click OK and JAF should open.
  • Select BB5, Product Manager, Service and then Read Values on the resulting window – make a note of your product code.
  • Get yourself a new product code from HERE corresponding to your hardware, insert it and hit “Write Values” – et voila! Your phone is practically debranded.
  • Fire up the Nokia SW Updater from OVI / PC Suite – it will tell you that there is new software for your phone and would you like to update. After just over 100MB download it will update your phone and tell you that all is well.
  • This is blatantly not the case as when you start it up it bleeps and flashes on and off in an odd random manner somewhat akin to an old C64 loading screen, scary enough as that’s supposed to be a £400 phone.
  • Change underpants and relax – it’s all good.
  • Hold down the SHIFT (bottom left), SPACE and BACKSPACE (top right) buttons and press and hold the power button until you see light.
  • When the phone comes back up, enter *#0000# – you should see the version of the firmware
  • Restore your backup

You should now find that the nasty Vodafone / O2 / Three programs are gone and hopefully you have a more stable phone! Worked for me on Vodafone with RM-505. Have phun kidz.